European Grid Infrastructure

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Jump to Menu is a not-for-profit foundation established under Dutch law to coordinate and manage the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) federation on behalf of its participants: National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) and European International Research Organisations (EIROs).

Governance structure is governed by the EGI Council (members), which is responsible for defining the strategic direction of the EGI federation. The Council acts as the senior decision-making and supervisory authority of The Council participants (table) are the National Grid Initiatives (NGIs) and European Intergovernmental Research Organisations (EIROs).

The Council delegates oversight of the day-to-day running of to the Executive Board currently with seven members. The Executive Board devolves financial and organisational responsibility to the Director, who is supported by a staff of 22 people based at the headquarters in Amsterdam.’s work is supported by the equivalent of another 22 full-time workers spread across many organisations around Europe.

The Executive Board can be contacted through The current members are:

  • Matthew Dovey, Chair - Second term: 01/03/14-28/02/16

  • Per Ă–ster - First term: 1/7/13-30/7/15

  • Ludek Matyska - Second term: 1/1/15-31/12/16

  • Vincent Breton - Second term: 01/12/14-30/11/16

  • Isabel Campos - First term: 01/03/14-28/02/16

  • Luciano Gaido - First term: 1/7/13-30/6/15

  • Jorge Gomes - Second term: 29/01/15 - 28/01/17




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