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Workpackages and Tasks within EGI-InSPIRE in its extension of year PY5

NA1: Management

Task TNA1.1: Activity Management (Tiziana Ferrari, Project Manager,

Task TNA1.2: Project and Consortium Management (project office)

Task TNA1.3: Technical Management (

Task TNA1.4: Quality Assurance (

NA4-PY5: Community Engagement

Task TNA4.1: Human Networks coordination (NILs, Operations Managers, Distributed Competence Centre coordination, VT coordination) executed at

Task TNA4.2: Communication Executed at

Task TNA4.3: Distributed Competence Centre (NGI experts, Technical Champions - travel, Research Champions - travel)

NA5-PY5: Strategy, Policy and Business Development

Task TNA5.1: Strategy, policy and business development

Task TNA5.2: Business models and proof of concepts

SA5-PY5: Federated Cloud

Task TSA5.1: Operating a reliable federated institutional IaaS Cloud service

Task TSA5.2: Participation in Proofs of Concept elicited by EGI

SA6-PY5: Mini Projects

JRA2-PY5: Tool Development


Task JRA2.2: Accounting (STFC, CESGA)

Task JRA2.3: AppDB (GRNET)

Task JRA2.4: e-GRANT


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