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External Advisory Committee


The External Advisory Committee (EAC) provides strategic advice to the Project Management Board (PMB) through the Project Director on the evolution of the project to expand its user base and increase its impact and applicability amongst structured pan-European user communities. Such strategic advices are provided in the form of written recommendations that should be adopted in order to achieve the strategic goals.


The EAC will be composed by at least seven members selected by the PMB. Members contribute to the EAC discussions as individual experts from their particular constituency. Membership will be drawn from two external stakeholders to the project:

  • structured pan-European user communities that have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with EGI and are recognised as virtual research communities (VRCs)

  • e-Infrastructures providers (e.g. OSG, TeraGrid) that have signed a MoU with EGI


Current members

  • Alexandre M.J.J. Bonvin (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance structural biology community)

  • Thomas Eickermann (European HPC e-Infrastructure through the PRACE project)

  • Wouter Los (European Environmental Research Infrastructures)

  • Ivan Maric (Europen Network e-Infrastructure through the NREN PC)

  • Ruth Pordes, Open Science Grid (international e-infrastructure community)

  • Roger Jones (chair of the WLCG collaboration board) 

  • Additional members to be appointed soon