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User Community Board


Tiziana Ferrari

Chief Operations Officer


The User Community Board (UCB) develops the strategy and defines the priorities for the human and technical user community support services provided by EGI. UCB will include representatives from Virtual Research Communities (VRCs) as well as from other projects collaborating with EGI where necessary in addition to the service providers within EGI.

The UCB provides the focal point within EGI for issues relating to the User Communities, which are recognised through VRCs. VRCs provide a means for grouping aligned Virtual Organisations (VOs) that use the infrastructure in order to maximise the ability of EGI to meet the deliver the priority requirements of the majority of the user communities.

Main tasks  

  • Identify, prioritise and resolve issues related to users. This includes defining the policies related to grid use, as well as identifying and prioritising infrastructure requirements.

  • Liaise with VRCs and VOs to:

    • provide technical feedback on the services offered by EGI to its users;

    • acquire requirements for new and enhanced services.

  • Communicate the prioritised user community requirements back to the other EGI Work Packages.



Active policy groups