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EGI at "Early Science from Low-frequency Radio Telescopes" Conference (USA)

This week I am at the Tempe Low-Frequency meeting in Arizona, USA. This is some serious Big Data, with all of the pathfinders to the Square Kilometer Array presenting their latest data sets. Most of these telescope use large real-time systems to reduce ...

EGI Webinar: Cloud-Init

EGI is organizing a webinar on Virtial Machine (VM) contexualization with cloud-init, the defacto package that handles early initialization of cloud Virtual Machine on 15th December at 11.00 (CET)


EGI for the Open Science Commons

EGI released today the Open Science Commons vision (http://go.egi.eu/osc). Join the community!

EGI released today the Open Science Commons vision (http://go.egi.eu/osc).

With this paper, EGI proposes the Open Science Commons as a new approach to digital research, tackling policy challenges and embracing open science as a new paradigm for knowledge creation and collaboration.

Be part of the Open Science Community by submitting feedback and your expression of interest to policy@egi.eu!


EGI Webinar: RNA-Seq analysis with READemption - Setup and go!

27th November at 15:00 (CET)

EGI is organising a webinar dedicated to READemption, a new bioinformatics tool deployed in the EGI Federated Cloud. The webinar will take place on 27th November at 15:00 (CET).


EGI at the European Conference on Computational Biology

I am here the 13th European Conference on Computational Biology, held in Strasbourg (http://www.eccb14.o...

EGI at the FEBSEMBO2014 meeting

This week more than 2000 Scientists got together in the FEBS EMBO 2014 meeting in Paris (http://www.febs-embo2014.org/).
This special meeting celebrated the 50th anniversary of both the European Molecular Biology Organization (EMBO, http://www.embo.org/) and the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS, http://www.febs.org/) and the 100th anniversary of the French Society for Biochemistry and Molecular biology.


IBERGRID: Iberian eInfrastructure conference Sep 8-10 - Registration open

Early-bird extension and Cloud tutorial

The early-bird registration deadline for the IBERGRID 2014 Conference in Aveiro, Portugal (September 8-10, 2014) has been extended. The discount registration fees will be available until 1 August 2014. The IBERGRID conference brings together the ...

EGI at European Bioenergetics Conference

Bioinformatics”, “Molecular modeling”, “Protein-protein” and “protein-ligandDocking, “Phylogeny”  are some of the keywords of the plenary talks and poster sessions during the European Bioenergetics Conference that is currently taking place in Lisbon (www.EBEC2014.org).


Great participation to the call for Competence Centres

The reponse to the call for Competence Centres in preparation to the EGI-Engage proposal was excellent, with 26 expressions of interest received

Big thanks to all the colleagues of the EGICollaboration and beyond who contributed to the call for competence centres for the EGI-Engage project proposal. The response was excellent with 26 proposals received, of which: 8 are related to ...

The Call for EGI-Engage Competence Centres is open

EGI has opened a call for Competence Centres proposals. Competence Centres will foster user engagement and technical integration activities for research infrastructures

EGI has opened a call for Competence Centres proposals. With the participation of research communities, user support teams and technology providers, the Competence Centre is responsible for  helping international research communities in fomulating their ICT requirements and using the EGI services that meet their needs.

The Competence Centre activities include requirements gathering, use case analysis, integration of Virtual Research Environments and extension of EGI services, testing and piloting, training.