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To be or not to be ERIC?

New organisations need to carefully analyse the strategic and organisational steps that should be taken in order to identify evolutionary directions. The challenge of ”making the right choice” is of crucial importance for the “survival“ and its sustainability prospects.

Recently, the European Union launched a major initiative to create a number of European Research Infrastructure Consortiums (ERICs). ERIC is a legal framework based on Article 171 of the EC Treaty which is designed to facilitate the joint establishment and operation of research facilities of European interest. As part of EGI’s ongoing sustainability studies, we have written a report about EGI’s potential alignment with ERIC.

The report describes the ERIC potential impact on EGI.eu’s sustainability, legal status and governance. It presents potential advantages, disadvantages and unresolved issues to help promote informed discussion within the EGI Council.

Some of the advantages are greater political visibility and membership in the exclusive ERIC ‘club’ and increased prospect on achieving sustainability and financial stability. The most sensitive issues that have been identified are potential limitations on the governance and organisation structure of EGI.eu, potential difficulties in delegating the responsibility and potentially complex and lengthy negotiations needed to agree with an ERIC proposal for EGI.eu.

There are always pros and cons for any strategic and organisational issue that an organisation has to consider. EGI.eu on this regards is at a crossroad and next months will be quite interesting and exciting to follow. You can read more on the topic by accessing our report and feel free to express your opinion on the matter (MS212 - Alignment of EGI.eu with the ERIC organisational model).




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