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Connecting the user to the grid

TERENA Networking Conference 2011, Prague


Marks and Spencer, Tesco, H&M and KFC... it can only be Prague, well perhaps not. Despite the air steward sporting a mohican haircut, my first impressions of the historical Czech capital were not quite what I had anticipated in terms of its Bohemian cultural legacy. However, there is plenty of time for that to change. The reason for my visit is to learn more about European computer networking research - see tnc2011.terena.org for more - and the context being User and Community Support as provided by EGI.


The primary focus of EGI User and Community Support is to match the needs and requirements of the various user communities associated with the infrastructure with our support services. Whilst this supporrt work is focussed on EGI, there are other networks and research projects that exist and EGI often forms agreements with these. Whilst TNC2011 is not an obvious place to go looking for new user communities, there are, if not real users, then at least representatives of exciting and dynamic communites who at least have a clear vision, if not plan, for expanding networked resources for the users.

My talk tomorrow morning in the session on Virual Organisations will focus on the EGI Virtual Research Community model, how this works in practice, what the benefits are and how to get involved. Furthermore, and perhaps more pertinently to the local audience here in Prague, EGI operates as a federation of the various partner NGIs. As such, support is effectively delivered by the support teams from these NGI teams. It is therefore important for us at EGI to gather a broad but detailed picture of the communities that are supported across all of these countires. This then enables us to take those applications and services that have the broadest audience in order to host and support these as resources for the wider community. You can find out more on the TNC2011 website - tnc2011.terena.org.



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