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Operations activity roadmap 2012

The operations activity roadmap for 2012 was one of the main topics of discussion at the Operations Management Board in January.  The main objectives set for 2012 are:

  • Security: the implementation of the first EGI security risk assessment will be completed according to the plans defined in Deliverable D4.3 and various security tools will be consolidated, primarily the Security Dashboard, which was recently released.
  • Infrastructure: a recent assessment of deployed software shows that a large fraction of the EGI infrastructure is still based on gLite 3.1 and 3.2 [read more]. An upgrade plan will be defined with NGIs and site managers. The first step towards this direction is the decision to decommission all gLite 3.1 unsupported software services by Sep 2012. glite 3.2 decommissioning plans will be defined soon after, with the purpose of accelerating the uptaking of new features such as the support of GLUE 2.0.
  • Staged rollout: testing of new software releases with the collaboration of production sites is very important to detect problems with grid middleware. The staged rollout programme will be adapted to include more OS platforms according to the priorities defined by NGIs and sites.
  • Middleware maintenance and support: NGIs and user communities will be approaced to define their priorities and current/fugure usage.
  • Operational Level Agreements: the current framework will be extended with the defnition of a EGI.eu agreement which defines service targets. All central tools will be monitored by SAM and availability/reliability reports will be generated monthly.
  • NGI services: NGI core middleware services need consolidation. The current plan of monitoring and improvement of the top-BDII services will be extended to other services, also including ARC, GLOBUS and UNICORE.
  • Integration: the integration of GLOBUS and UNICORE will continue, and integration activities will be extended to desktop grids and other community platforms.
  • Accounting: the infrastructure for publishing of usage records will be consolidated and extended.
  • IPv6 testing activities will be conducted in collaboration with HEPIX and the technology providers.

For a comprehensive view of activity milestones see the operations activity plan - 2012.

Tiziana Ferrari



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