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Seeking new horizons: EGI’s role for 2020

Over the last three months the EGI has been reflecting on its strategy as Europe moves towards the ambitious aims outlined in the European Commission's Europe 2020 vision. Following review and feedback from the EGI-InSPIRE Project Management Board, the EGI Strategy is now available for your feedback and comment.
The EGI’s Strategic plan outlines the initiatives that can take place within the EGI community over the next two years, supported through the FP7-funded EGI-InSPIRE project in the first instance, and subsequent related projects. In future, with further investment from the EC and national funding bodies, these will develop EGI’s strengths in:
  • European-wide coordination and interaction with research communities and national resource infrastructure providers.
  • Coordination, maintenance, operation and delivery of an open uniform European-wide federated production infrastructure
  • Developing and promoting technologies for federating the emerging cloud resources
  • Supporting the integration and operation of scalable interdisciplinary Virtual Research Environments personalised to each research community
Our strategy is to evolve EGI’s activities to be a key enabling foundation of the online European Research Area (ERA), supported by continued investment from national and European funding bodies. The online ERA is part of the European Commission’s Innovation Union initiative. EGI's contribution will be to provide the transnational multi-disciplinary research collaborations within the ERA with a world class e-Infrastructure, able to support innovative collaborative virtual laboratories for simulation, data sharing and data analysis activities that is sustainable for decades to come.
The EGI Strategic Plan is targeted at European and national policy makers and senior managers in resource providers, virtual research communities and other stakeholders within the EGI Ecosystem. Additional information will be provided in the EGI Technical Roadmap (which will detail work taking place within the remainder of the EGI-InSPIRE project), and in an document titled "Evolving the EGI Business Model"(which will focus on the sustainability options of individual components in the ecosystem).
This roadmap will be discussed in various public and private meetings at the EGI Community Forum in Munich before being revised in response to this feedback. To provide your comments in advance of these meetings please make a comment to this blog post! 

Re: Seeking new horizons: EGI’s role for 2020

PRACE is generically mentioned in the long-term plans but it would be good to have more concre information about what the foreseen strategy is. My suggestion is to review that section about long-term plans after the PRACE workshop at the CF12. We should use this opportunity to discuss areas of collaboration, and these discussions should be reflected in the strategy document.

Cheers Tiziana

Re: Seeking new horizons: EGI’s role for 2020

The document is lacking concretion regarding the user base and usage acomplishments of EGI, current activities in terms of usage and services provided, and future plans. More practicality is needed.

The rational behind this comment is that the 2020 documents need to address the questions of "what is this infrastructure useful for?". After reading the document the only answer that comes up is "supporting users". Anyone can say this, so, what makes EGI special?

The document needs to give the answer to this question, we need to be able to answer that question in a precise and concise way, with clear examples of current support and future perspectives from users.

Therefore, first, I suggest to include current use cases, with a summary of scientific output, publications etc... which has been achieved recently.

We should also include a list of prominent use cases, foreseable for the future, with an indication of the necessary services and infrastructure necessary to provide support to them. Here we need input from the scientist using the infrastructure. ESFRI related use cases are a possibility.


Re: Seeking new horizons: EGI’s role for 2020

After the first couple of sections, much of the document is pretty good.  I will send detailed comments via another route.  The issue I had with the first two sections, is that the language is terribly abstract, and there was very little punctuation.  It took me several pages to realize that a "component" meant something like an NGI and not a CREAM CE!!

This is relatively minor, the single major comment I have, is the failure of the strategy to recognize essential user locality.  Most users are *primarily* localized, only expanding past the local RC *when they need to* which may be never.  Most requests we get to our NGI are for essentially local communities.  This is probably where the bulk of your 2,8 M scientists will operate.  Funding bodies also listen to the local users, within the country : are they happy?

The EGI strategy should recognize this!!  EGI strategy must have as a cornerstone, that the federation does not make life any more difficult for the NGI-local users.  Another cornerstone should be that EGI, wherever possible, assists NGIs in providing for these local users, as this strengthens the NGI and thus EGI as well.

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