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The EGI Technical Forum - A View from a Demo Booth

Steve Crouch from the Software Sustainability Insitute tells us about his experiences running a demo at the Technical Forum.

As anyone who has been to the EGI Technical Forum can attest, it's always a busy time - and this year was no different! As well as all the technical sessions and networking, there's also many demonstrations of the latest and greatest software from a wide array of projects. So in their infinite wisdom, EGI gave me the opportunity to demonstrate the Grid-SAFE software from the Initiative for Globus in Europe (IGE) project - for an entire day! And thirteen demos later, it's fair to say we got the word out about it.

The Grid-SAFE software, initially developed at the Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre (EPCC) in the UK, is a site accounting solution that supports Globus. It allows accounting information from Globus GRAM5 deployments to be audited and collected in a site-based repository, and optionally sent to the Central EGI Accounting Repository.

Initially, interest was slow. But come the first coffee break, and particularly lunchtime, the crowds descended. I had some valuable discussions with representatives from a number of projects, including GARUDA, the UK NES and IsraGrid, and it was great to share experiences with accounting (especially the common pitfalls!) with the VERCE and SweGrid projects.

You can find the slides from the demo, which was also presented at the Accounting workshop on Wednesday, at https://indico.egi.eu/indico/contributionDisplay.py?sessionId=39&contribId=52&confId=1019.


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