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Discussing prospects of common e-Infrastructures governance for digital research

In one of my previous blog posts I wrote about EGI’s analysis of European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) and the potential impact of the ERIC on EGI.eu’s legal status, governance and sustainability. In November 2012, the EGI Council endorsed the “EGI.eu transition plan to ERIC”, a report depicting motivations, scope, governance and possible roadmap, for a new entity for e-Infrastructures dedicated to Digital Research under the ERIC legal framework. This report is the result of various discussions held during 2012 to evaluate the potential benefits for EGI, and ultimately the wider e-Infrastructure community, to consider the adoption of a new legal entity that has been introduced to deal with research infrastructures needs. 
The ERIC legal framework is an opportunity that could be adopted for an umbrella European organisation capable of delivering transnational ICT and other services needed to support research within the digital European Research Area. As the ERIC requires the direct participation of governments, it would increase the national and international recognition and political visibility at a European and national level and alignment to their policy activities.
The working name for the new organization is Digital Research Infrastructure (DRI) ERIC with the vision to deliver sustainable single integrated uniform market of ICT services that will match increasing demand for a single uniform and integrated digital European Research Area. 
The next steps are related to discussion on the DRI ERIC plan between national representatives and research communities to understand their needs around this activity. In addition, some of the national representatives can contact their national contact point and informally understand the degree of national interest in adopting an ERIC legal entity for establishing an infrastructure to support digital research. 
Are you willing to participate in discussion about potential establishment of new Digital Research Infrastructure? Please leave your comments on this blog post or contact us at policy@egi.eu. 



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