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Resounding success of the Open Science Commons in Lisbon
The EGI Conference 2015 hosted the first full day workshop on the Open Science Commons. The main goal was to discuss the vision, how it can be improved, how it relates to existing initiatives and how the Open Science Commons can harmonize them to ...
May 27, 2015
EGI is now a funding member of the Research Data Alliance!
The Research Data Alliance (RDA)is an international initiative promoting open research data and data interoperability with the support of the Australian Commonwealth Government through the Australian National Data Service, the European Commission and the ...
Mar 19, 2015
EGI and the Human Brain Project
This week EGItook part to the workshop on "Data eInfrastructures for Neuroscience" (Brussels, March 04). The workshop dwelt with the problem of the open data continuum in the Human Brain Project (HBP) and in particular focused on how ...
Mar 6, 2015
EGI for the Open Science Commons
EGI released today the Open Science Commons vision (
Nov 10, 2014
Great participation to the call for Competence Centres
Big thanks to all the colleagues of the EGICollaboration and beyond who contributed to the call for competence centres for the EGI-Engage project proposal. The response was excellent with 26 proposals received, of which: 8 are related to ...
Jul 10, 2014
The Call for EGI-Engage Competence Centres is open
EGI has opened a call for Competence Centres proposals. With the participation of research communities, user support teams and technology providers, the Competence Centre is responsible for helping international research communities in fomulating their ...
Jun 3, 2014
Goodbye Karel
Karel Vietsch, TERENA’s Secretary General from March 1996 until March 2012, passed away on 23 February 2014.
Feb 24, 2014
EGI Community Forum 2014: extension of submission deadline
The submission deadline for sessions, workshops and tutorials for the the EGI Community Forum 2014 is now extended to the 15th of January
Jan 9, 2014
The first call for the implementation of the EGI Resource Pool is open
The Council approved the implementation of a EGI Resource Allocation Pool in June of this year to support resource needs of user communities whose request is scientifically peer reviewed. The first call for resources for the implementation of the ...
Sep 18, 2013
New Working Group on GPGPU
A new working group addressing the integration of GPGPUresources into EGIwill be kicked off, as discussed at the Resource Centre Forum which took place during the Technical Forum. We are looking for Resource Centres, NGIs and user communities to implement ...
Sep 18, 2013