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Applying for Structural Funds
Do you know that there are still unused Structural Funds for 2013 that could be accessed by your organisation? Do you want to know more about whom to contact and what is needed for your application? Are you exploring longer-term funding opportunities? ...
May 29, 2012
2:11:00 PM
EGI Sustainability – Clearer Skies
Over the last year, there have been numerous discussions, meetings, articles and reports trying to address the complex issue of EGI sustainability. The latest installment of this multi-facet activity, took place in a full-day workshop “Sustaining ...
Apr 4, 2012
5:22:00 PM
Towards operations sustainability
The OMBDecember meeting was held yesterday [agenda] to discuss plans for future sustainability of the operations services of the Resource infrastructure Providers (NGIInternational Services) and the central operational services (Global Services).
Dec 21, 2011
5:35:30 PM
Exploring Business Models to Sustain EGI
Key components of a business model and how it could directly apply to EGI's long-term sustainability strategy.
Sep 27, 2011
12:00:13 PM
Understanding costs of e-Infrastructures
E-Infrastructures for scientific computing are recognised to have a strategic role in supporting innovation in Europe and improve competitiveness. Their importance for the next decade is also reinforced by the European strategic policies through the ...
Aug 30, 2011
9:44:00 AM
No such thing as a free lunch - Sustainability Costs!
The bottom line is that coordinating and maintaining a quality infrastructure costs time and money.
Apr 12, 2011
1:59:07 PM