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APEL, GOCDB and Training Marketplace webinars!
The UK's NGS will be hosting a second online seminar series this June/ July highlighting some of the services that we provide for the wider e-infrastructure community including the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI). The seminars are aimed at ...
Jun 19, 2012
4:34:00 PM
The Training Marketplace
The Training Marketplace
Dec 14, 2011
10:44:00 AM
The EGI Training Marketplace – the ebay of grid training
The new EGI Training Marketplace (developed by a dedicated team at STFC) went live on the 7th of June and having now tested it, viewed it, talked about it and changed just a little here and there, the time has come to promote this potentially great ...
Jul 6, 2011
1:15:00 PM
An e-Bay for grid training: free training from EGI's 'Training Marketplace'
Whether you fly a modern fighter jet or simply want to be efficient when working the telephone at the reception desk of a busy company, good training will invariably underpin your success in doing what you have to do. This is equally so for the many and ...
Feb 21, 2011
11:55:00 AM
EGI Training Working Group
Support for training is a key user community service that helps EGI expand the size and expertise of user communities. Training within EGI is distributed by nature: NGIs organise training events and NGIs develop training materials. However, ...
Feb 1, 2011
5:00:10 PM