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European Policy Management Authority for Grid Authentication in e-Science (EUGridPMA)


International policy body


Membership agreed on 16 June 2010

About EUGridPMA

EUGridPMA is an international organisation to coordinate the trust fabric for e-Science grid authentication in Europe. It collaborates with the regional peers APGridPMA for the Asia-Pacific and The Americas Grid PMA in the International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF). It is the basis for the guidelines documents on the accreditation procedure, the Authentication profile for X.509 secured 'classic' certification authorities and other IGTF recognised Profiles.

Overview of the collaboration

EGI and the EUGridPMA work together to enable a common trust domain between e-Infrastructure providers and end-user researchers. This creates a secure and trustworthy environment for collaboration and service provisioning, using standard mechanisms and interoperable policies aimed at the global level. The collaboration specifically focuses on:

  • establishment of policies for authentication and identity management

  • support participation in the IGTF trust fabric through provisioning of trust anchors to EGI

  • advise on and development of best practices for secure operation of credentialing services

  • support of a sustainable global trust fabric and the International Grid Trust Federation

  • foster the flow of information between the EGI user communities and infrastructure providers vis-à-vis the identity providers and other major relying parties within and outside Europe with regards to the authentication trust fabric


Logo of the EUGridPMA

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