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How to join as a resource provider

As of May 2013, the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) connects more than 340 resource centres to 22,000 users across Europe and beyond. EGI is always looking to expand the number of providers and invites unaffiliated resource centres to join in.

If you are the representative of a resource centre or a cluster interested in joining the infrastructure, we invite you to go through the following steps:

1. Is your country already part of EGI?

If you don’t know, please check our list of resource providers (map).

a. YES, my country is contributing resources to EGI

  • Please contact (map & contacts) the resource provider in your country and they will assist you in the process. Thank you for your interest!

b. NO, my country is not on the list of EGI resource providers

  • Please see Question 2

2. Are you a representative from...

a. ... a resource centre / site / cluster?

If a local resource provider is not available, being part of EGI is still possible.

  • Please send an e-mail to the Operations team (

The Operations team can help you to become part of the infrastructure, and will assist you through the different steps, from resource centre registration to certification.

b. ... a National Grid Initiative or other Resource Infrastructure Provider?

  • Please send an e-mail to the Operations team ( will assist you during the integration process. Please note that new resource infrastructure providers must first be accredited by the EGI Council. To do so non-European resource infrastructure providers can start a formal collaboration with through a Memorandum of Understanding.


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