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How to use the Federated Cloud

The EGI Federated Cloud is a seamless grid of academic private clouds and virtualised resources, built around open standards and focusing on the requirements of the scientific community.

The result is a new type of research e-infrastructure, based on the mature federated operations services that make EGI a reliable resource for science.

How to use the Federated Cloud

A brief description on how to use the Federated Cloud resources is described in the text below. More information can be found on the FedCloud FAQ page and the Guides and Tutorials listed in this page. Technical support is available via the UCST Team.

Getting access

The typical user workflow on the EGI Federated Cloud looks like:

  1. Obtain a grid certificate from a recognised CA
  2. Join a Virtual Organisation:
  3. Look for operating system images already available into the EGI Applications Database or create a virtual machine image that encapsulates an operating system, the scientific software and any optional component needed for this software to function.
    • Images from the EGI Applications Database may be reusable and customisable for your use case.
  4. Instantiate the virtual machine image(s) on the EGI cloud.
    • This is possible using a command-line client (rOCCI), high-level tools or directly implementing the ‘Open Cloud Computing Interface’ (OCCI) into your environment.
    • Using the OCCI interface guarantees that your work will be compatible with any site that currently exists or will join the EGI Federated Cloud in the future.
    • Follow this guide to setup the rOCCI command line client.
    • Read this guidance about the various options of porting applications to the EGI Federated Cloud.

Guides and tutorials

These guides and tutorials can help you implement the above described typical user workflow and describe alternative ways of access, using high level application broker and infrastructure broker solutions:

For more detailed information, to ask any specific questions about the EGI Federated Cloud or the process involved please contact the UCST Team at

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