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EGI Operations handle the activities required to deliver services at agreed levels to the infrastructure's end-users. coordinates the work of (about) 32 distributed Operations Centres, 22 of these managed at a national level and one at CERN.

Locally, Operations Centres are responsible for supporting their Resource Centres, monitoring their performance, collecting requirements and representing them in EGI’s Operations Management Board and its associated groups. Globally, the Operations Centre contributes to the development of the EGI operations roadmap and the evolution of EGI operations.

Operational services

The EGI Operations Team provides the following services to participants and resource providers: 

  • Federated operations: Simplifies the day-to-day operations of a federated heterogeneous infrastructure avoiding duplication of costs and providing re-usable tools.

  • Operations coordination: Synchronises operational activities across the infrastructure to ensure seamless integration of computing services and to minimise fragmentation across Europe.


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