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6 March 2013
Sara Coelho

EGI signs agreement with DANTE has signed an agreement with DANTE to formalise the long-term collaboration between the National Grid Initiatives of EGI and the National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) of GÉANT.

DANTE (Delivery of Advanced Network Technology to Europe) is an organisation that was set up by Europe’s NRENs to build and operate GÉANT, the high-speed research and education network.

"EGI and GÉANT are two core infrastructures for the European research communities," says Sergio Andreozzi, strategy & policy manager at "This agreement with DANTE will improve the user experience for EGI researchers, by strengthening process integration across the two organisations. From a policy point of view, the collaboration will allow us to build a common cause and align long-term strategies with a sister organisation and peer research infrastructure."

The joint workplan defined in the Memorandum of Understanding focuses on the exchange of expertise between and DANTE, the representative of the GÉANT community. A key objective is the integration of EGI's network user support with GÉANT’s established troubleshooting procedures.

"DANTE has the experience and the best processes to respond to research networking problems," adds Andreozzi. "By integrating our network support procedures with DANTE, we will provide a better service to the EGI user community."

John Chevers, chief business development officer at DANTE says: "High-speed networks and distributed computing are essential components in the advancement of modern science and innovation. By strengthening our partnership with EGI, we will provide a more cohesive partnership to better support the ever changing needs of scientists. Working together with the common aim of improving the research experience is central to our role in Europe’s e-Infrastructure. We look forward to building our relationship with EGI and the continued mutual support outlined in this Memorandum."