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15 January 2015
Sara Coelho

EGI-Engage has been favorably evaluated

The proposal for the EGI-Engage project submitted to the EINFRA-1-2014 call has been successfully reviewed by the European Commission with a score of 15/15. The project is expected to start in March 2015 and the public launch is planned for the EGI Conference 2015 in Lisbon (18-22 May 2015).

The EGI-Engage project (full name: Engaging the Research Community towards an Open Science Commons) will bring together 43 beneficiaries from across Europe, the USA and six countries in the Asia-Pacific region, to facilitate access to research e-Infrastructures across national boundaries. The consortium is led by who will now prepare the grant agreement.

Tiziana Ferrari, EGI-Engage Project Director and Technical Director says: “EGI-Engage is an ambitious project that will push us towards new grounds. It will strategically advance EGI in key areas: user engagement with the private sector and Research Infrastructures on the ESFRI roadmap, technical capabilities, business development, and cooperation with e-Infrastructure of European dimension. Our main goal is to expand the capabilities of a European backbone of federated e-Infrastructure services for research.”

The result will be a huge step towards the implementation of the Open Science Commons where researchers from all disciplines have easy and open access to the innovative digital services, data, knowledge and expertise they need to perform collaborative excellent research.

Matthew Dovey, Chair of the EGI Council, says: “EGI-Engage will build upon the achievements of EGI-InSPIRE, which developed a service-oriented mind-set in the EGI Community and consolidated existing user communities. This project will support the implementation of our new strategy, to be more agile in providing a bridge between research communities and research e-Infrastructure provision, through the co-design and co-development of services, community-specific Virtual Research Environment services, and a grid and cloud infrastructure to foster open science and open data.”

Yannick Legré, Managing Director of, says: “EGI-Engage will improve the services that EGI and the National Grid Initiatives offer to scientists and will strengthen the ties within the community of European e-Infrastructure Providers through community-specific pilots that will foster technical integration of the ICT capabilities offered to the ERA. We are confident that new services and more integration will mean more researchers from different sectors benefitting from e-Infrastructures to create innovation and excellent science.”

The EGI-Engage project is expected to start in March 2015 and the public launch is planned to be at the EGI Conference in Lisbon (18-22 May).