EGI Strategy and Innovation Fund: FAQ

Q: Who is eligible to access the fund?

According to the terms of reference: “The Strategic and Innovation Fund program can be accessed by the EGI Council participants and associate participants. The fund is also accessible to all organisations represented by EGI Council participants and associate participants (e.g. service and resource providers) that contribute to the objectives of the EGI strategy”.

In case your organisation is not part of the EGI Council, then you need to obtain a letter of support from an EGI Council participant or associated participant and you need to submit it together with the application (see template). You can see the list of EGI Council participants. You can request the name and email contacts of EGI Council participants at

Q: What is the source of the funding?

Participants and associated participants forming the EGI Council pay a yearly fee to sustain the enabling services of the EGI Federation. We created the fund out of this yearly budget from EGI Council fees, for this reason the eligibility is restricted.

Q: How many projects do you plan to fund?

For 2018, we expect to fund 3 major innovation projects, 3 prototype projects, 4 proof of concept projects and 4 patch projects. This number is indicative and a different configuration may take place depending on the quality of the applications for each project type.

Q: Can we submit more than one project?

There are no restrictions on the number of projects to be submitted. The main goal of the fund is to stimulate actions that create impact, therefore the quality of the proposal and the expected impact for the EGI federation are the highest criteria.

Q: How can I make sure that the idea is interesting before investing energy in developing the proposal?

We have listed priority topics for 2018. Projects outside these priorities are also possible (except for the major innovation type of project). If you want to receive feedback on your project idea, feel free to send a short summary to grants@egi briefly explaining what you plan to solve, why, for whom and how. We will be happy to provide you with an initial evaluation.

Q: Do you need further clarifications?

Contact us at