6 months of EGI-ACE: what has happened so far?

Time flies, and before you know it, it has been six months since the EGI-ACE project officially kicked-off! What has happened so far? Have a seat, grab a coffee or tea, and let us update you!

Service delivery

There are currently 28 services from 45 providers already available via the EOSC Marketplace, with a greater number to follow as we progress. The services received 18 orders (user access requests) with EGI Notebooks, EGI Cloud Compute and the EGI Cloud Container services most frequently requested.

Call for use cases

The project has launched a call for use cases, which is continuously open, with a cut-off deadline set every 2 months. With this call the EGI-ACE project offers access to infrastructure and platform services, dedicated user support and training. The next cut-off date is set for August 15. The total capacity that EGI-ACE makes available through the call between 2021-2023 is 80 Million CPU hours, 250,000 GPU hours and 20 PB storage. Additional resources are allocated to applicants through national compute centres and companies that participate in EGI-ACE as EGI partners with national funding.

How many submissions have we received so far? A total of 16 use cases have been submitted in this first half year of the project, spread across various disciplines. From COVID-19 related research to environmental topics. Life sciences and multi-disciplinary applications are the most dominant, and artificial intelligence framework and Kubernetes clusters are the most demanded technologies so far.

We are very happy with the support we will be able to provide to these research activities, and are convinced that there is much more out there. Read the full call and apply now!

Data spaces

EGI-ACE contributes to the fields of Health and Medicine, Climate Research, Energy and Physical Sciences, Environmental Sciences, and Social Sciences and Humanities with domain specific data analytics services. Each is offered as a so-called ‘’data space’, integrating disciplinary datasets, data management tools and domain applications on scalable compute systems (Cloud, HTC, HPC) into a user-friendly analytics service.

The following data spaces are already running: WeNMR structural biology portals, Virtual Imaging Platform, OPENCoastS, UseGalaxy, EMSO ERIC Data Portal, OpenRiskNet,. A total of 8 are now in preparation: ENES climate analytics, PROMINENCE fusion modelling, LOFAR Science Products, Disaster mitigation and agricultural portals, SeaDataNet WebOcean Data Analysis, OPERAS Metric Service, and Iberian GBIF data space.

More information about EGI-ACE

Have a look at the EGI-ACE webpages for further information.

We have also created a short 2 minute video and infographic that provides an at a glance overview of the project. Feel free to have a look and share!

EGI-ACE at a glance!

Find out more information on the EGI-ACE webpage.