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Why are some e-science tools adopted by a large community, while others are ignored? Why do some e-science teams collaborate well while others struggle? How can teams come to a shared understanding of the e-science tools they are developing?

These and other questions were discussed by dr. Kerk Kee (School of Communication, Chapman University), dr. Christian Burgers and Ellen Droog, MSc (Dept. of Communication Science, VU Amsterdam) in a webinar at the EGI Foundation office on 18 September 2018 in Amsterdam. They reported on a first pilot test conducted at two conferences (EOSC-hub in Malaga, April 2018 and ENVRIplus in Zandvoort aan Zee, May 2018). The study’s goal was to provide cross-cultural validation of an approach to successful diffusion of e-infrastructure tools and application, that was originally developed in a US context (XSEDE).

In the webinar, they provide an overview of the most important tool attributes and team characteristics to stimulate adoption beyond the initial user base. They now seek to expand the first pilot test to a larger sample, and would like to ask you for help as a member of the e-infrastructure community.

Do you want to help? Please take a few minutes to contribute to the short survey and share your thoughts.
Listen to the webinar:

• Part I: Tool Attributes
• Part II: Attributes of the Virtual Organisation
• Part III: Metaphors of e-infrastructure

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