Computing centres: LNEC

Mário David shows us the LNEC data centre, part of the Portuguese Distributed Computing Infrastructure (INCD)

The LNEC data centre in Lisbon is located at the headquarters of the Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil, a research facility dedicated to engineering sciences. The data centre is managed by FCCN and spans an area of 370m². The centre hosts a total of 2.500 CPU cores and 1.1 PB storage, from which about 700 TB under the Lustre distributed filesystem serving the HTC and HPC clusters, and about 400 TB under Ceph serving the Openstack cloud IaaS.

The data centre is part of the National Distributed Computing Infrastructure (INCD) – the Portuguese Digital Infrastructure. INCD is a partnership between LIP, LNEC and FCCN and represents Portugal in the EGI Federation, in IBERGRID (the Iberian Infrastructure) and in the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG).

INCD provides computing and storage services to Portuguese-based scientific communities in all domains and participates in national and international projects of strategic relevance.