Computing centres: ReCaS Bari data centre

Giacinto Donvito presents the ReCaS Bari data centre

The Bari ReCaS data centre has been built by the University of Bari Aldo Moro and the National Institute of Nuclear Physics within the framework of the ReCaS project. The data centre was completed in July 2015 and inaugurated on July 9, 2015.

The ReCaS-Bari data centre is home to 128 servers (equipped with AMD processors) for a total of about 10.000 cores. The data centre has a storage capacity of about 5PByte of disk and 2.5 PByte of tape. This data centre is serving many communities with diverse technologies: OpenStack, HTCondor, and a typical HPC cluster with infiniband and GPU.

ReCaS Bari is fully integrated in the EGI federation and is also an EGI Federated Cloud provider. Besides serving scientists at a European level, the data centre also supports about 160 local users from high-energy physics, theoretical physics, medical physics and biosciences.