Design your e-infrastructure workshop

Gergely Sipos highlights the outcomes of the training and consultancy event

The Design Your e-infrastructure workshop was organised on September 27 in Kraków, Poland, by four major European e-infrastructures: EGI, EUDAT, GÉANT and OpenAIRE.

The workshop was a mixed training and consultancy event for research projects, communities and infrastructures, put together to facilitate the uptake of e-infrastructure services.

The afternoon was filled with break-out groups, one for each use case, where researchers had the opportunity to engage directly with e-infrastructures to analyse their use cases, identify suitable services for their use cases and to define implementation plans.

The workshop gave me the opportunity to attain updated knowledge within the field of digital infrastructures. It was a great way to locate and establish contact with potential collaborators, service providers and research groups.
Sille Julie Abildgaard, Copenhagen Business School

The use cases and a few workshop outcomes were:

Data repository for design research

Challenge: Sille Julie Abildgaard, Research Assistant at the Copenhagen Business School explained that her institute needs to find a way to store, share and analyse the video and audio data recorded during product design.

Outcome: EUDAT and OpenAIRE experts reviewed the requirements with Sille Julie and concluded that the use case requires a tailor-made solution. This will be further developed in a future project proposal.

Extreme Light Infrastructure (ELI)

Challenge: Tamás Gaizer presented the ELITRANS project, who is helping the ELI sites in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania to operate as a single distributed international laser facility of pan-European dimension.

Outcome: The participants identified ELI’s e-infrastructure requirements – such as storage services (online and archive), computational resources (HPC, HTC), network connectivity and user portals – and fit them into the scope of the common ELI-wide data management service layer.

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

Challenge: Kostas Stamatopoulos and Fotis Psomopoulos presented the CLL ERIC institute, devoted to improving the lives of CLL patients. They need solutions to establish a persistent repository for patient and clinical trial data, and the compute services to analyse the data.

Outcome: The experts helped Kostas and Fotis to design a demonstrator setup with EGI’s cloud services, EUDAT’s long-term storage solutions and OpenAIRE’s repository services.


Challenge: Dima Pasechnik presented the OpenDreamKit VRE project.

Outcome: The workshop identified the EGI Federated Cloud, the EUDAT B2FIND (metadata catalogue) and the OpenAIRE research community dashboards as relevant services for Dima’s project.

Multi-scale complex Genomics (MuG VRE)

Challenge: Modesto Orozco and Josep Gelpí, on behalf of the MuG VRE H2020 project, needed a plan to use EUDAT long-term data storage and EGI cloud services for computing and service hosting.

Outcome: The workshop helped them to refine the concept design and to establish connections with service providers. It was also useful to help Modesto and Josep to understand some gaps in the e-infrastructure offerings.

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Gergely Sipos is technical outreach manager at the EGI Foundation.