EGI at the OpenStack Summit Barcelona 2016

Enol Fernández reports from the event

The OpenStack summit gathers together thousands of IT leaders, cloud administrators, app developers and contributors on a single event. I went to Barcelona on behalf of the EGI community and with me were colleagues representing the INDIGO-DataCloud project.

I presented the EGI Federated Cloud infrastructure and how it leverages OpenStack and other technologies to support the computational needs of researchers all across Europe. The presentation increased our visibility on the OpenStack community and triggered discussions with the user groups and developers about our federation and how we can collaborate to make OpenStack a better fit for our needs.

Science and Keystone meetings

I also joined the Scientific Working Group and the Keystone Design Sessions.

The Scientific Working Group attracts research and academic cloud providers using OpenStack join to provide requirements and share best practices on the use of the software for their academic users.

Keystone is the authentication and authorization service of OpenStack and plays a crucial role for the EGI federation: it enables the federated users to login at each of our providers. We provided input for new features that would improve the current support for federated users in Keystone.

EGI & OpenStack

The summit was also a good place to learn about OpenStack and the cloud world. Interoperability and multi-clouds applications, a field where EGI Federated Cloud has worked since its inception, is gaining interest from the community. Containers and container management services are a clear trend for application development and deployment and some of the more packed talks featured these topics.

EGI offers a Cloud Container Compute service that can be enhanced with some of the technology developments presented at Barcelona. Orchestration and TOSCA, a standard for orchestration, are also getting traction and could be adopted by the EGI cloud to provide a better user experience when porting applications to our infrastructure.

The summit increased our involvement in the OpenStack community. Now we are known to the Scientific Working Group and have joined the Federation, Scientific Datasets & Data Analytics, and GPU activity areas within the group to shape the future developments and share our experience in those areas.

We are already following the specifications of the upcoming release of OpenStack and in collaboration with INDIGO-DataCloud contributing to new ones that will improve our federation.

Next OpenStack summit will be held in May 2017 in Boston. We are already looking forward a bigger participation from EGI!

The OpenStack Summit was held in Barcelona 21-24 October 2016.

OpenStack is an open source software to create private and public clouds. It’s the driving technology of most of the EGI cloud resource providers.

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Enol Fernández leads the cloud development activities at the EGI Foundation.