jOCCI-API training for application & software developers

Giuseppe La Rocca describes a training for high-level service developers

During the September DI4R conference, EGI organised a first training course targeted at developers of high level, cloud-based services. The course was attended by 25 software developers who work with research communities to create ‘Platform as a Service’(PaaS) and ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) environments on top of the EGI Federated Cloud system.

The main part of the training course focused on the use of the jOCCI-API, a Java library implementing transport functions for rendered OCCI (Open Cloud Computing Interface) queries. OCCI is a RESTful Protocol and API designed to facilitate an interoperable access to cloud-based resources across multiple resource providers and heterogeneous environments. The formal specification is maintained by OGF’s OCCI-WG.

This Java library is built on top of jOCCI-core and currently provides HTTP transport functionality with authentication methods and basic requesting interface to easily communicate with OCCI servers.

By using this new jOCCI library, PaaS and SaaS developers, as well as scientific applications developers have now an alternative to the command line client to interact with EGI Federated Cloud providers. The jOCCI library presented during the course allows the user to interact with EGI Federated Cloud providers.

The participants of the training were introduced to a way of using REST technology to fetch data from the EGI Application Database. With this technology, it is now possible to retrieve a list of virtual appliances, cloud providers and other information programmatically.

The source codes used during this advanced course are available on GitHub. The training material is accessible on the Federated Cloud user support page.

Cloud computing abstract

The EGI Federated Cloud is an open cloud system that enables the federation of institutional clouds into a scalable platform for data and/or compute driven applications and services. The EGI Federated Cloud, launched in 2014, is currently deployed on 22 institutes across Europe and one SME in the UK and offers an ‘Infrastructure as a Service’ capabilities for research and industry.

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Giuseppe La Rocca is part of the technical outreach team at the EGI Foundation.