eInfraCentral introduces their service catalogue

Jelena Angelis answers frequently asked questions

eInfraCentral was set up to ensure that by 2020 a broader and more varied set of users (including industry) discovers and accesses the existing and developing e-infrastructure capacity. This is done via the creation of a common service catalogue in collaboration with Europe’s leading e-infrastructures, and the development of a portal through which to access it.

Why should researchers use the eInfraCentral Portal?

The eInfraCentral Portal makes it easier for researchers to find the information about a broad range of e-infrastructure services they may be interested in, discover new ones, compare various service offerings in one place, and assess the relevance of the offered services by rating them and leaving feedback.

How does eInfraCentral support the development of professional service catalogues?

eInfraCentral is working to aggregate the information available on the service catalogues of a range of e-infrastructure and service providers. We have developed a service catalogue template, building on the experience of the five partner e-Infrastructures. The template is now being rolled out to another 30+ e-infrastructure projects and is helping to foster an alignment of service descriptions. Managers of service catalogues can use our results to improve their service presentation and management and we are organising webinars to support this process.

How does eInfraCentral portal complement existing platforms, for example, the EGI Marketplace or the future EOSC-hub marketplace?

Our mission is to enhance the visibility of such marketplaces, not replace them. eInfraCentral is a portal that gives an opportunity for researchers to compare information on e-infrastructure services from various providers and marketplaces. Once a service is selected, the portal redirects the researcher to the service provider or marketplace where the service can be accessed and ordered.

Is the eInfraCentral service catalogue a basis for the EOSC service catalogue?

Our long-run aim is to ensure the broadest coverage possible of services from European-level and national e-infrastructures. Along with EOSC-hub and OpenAIRE-Advance, eInfraCentral is one of the key building blocks of the future EOSC Portal as recognised in the European Commission’s Implementation Roadmap for the European Open Science Cloud (March 2018). We will be working with colleagues from these related projects in the coming year to further develop the EOSC service catalogue.

How does the project guarantee the quality of the service catalogue?

First of all, the quality is ensured via the neutrality of the eInfraCentral consortium partners – by avoiding conflict of interest, the project team guarantee the objectivity and trustworthiness of the service catalogue. Secondly, selected metrics on service level targets will also be displayed to inform users about the quality of the services available. Thirdly, metrics from the use of the portal will be fed back to the service providers to help them improve their services.

How can you register on the eInfraCentral Portal?

It will shortly be possible to register services and create your user profile via the eInfraCentral Portal. In the meantime, please contact us directly at: contact@eInfraCentral.eu for further information.

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Jelena Angelis is the eInfraCentral project manager

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