EOSC DIH: The future under EOSC-Future

After more than 3 years since its launch in January 2018, the EOSC DIH has successfully completed its journey under the EOSC-hub project. In this period, the multipartner initiative coordinated by EGI and initially supported by PSNC, F6S, CINECA and UCL ran 18 experiments providing more than 600K CPU hours with a financial support of 600K Euros for more than the 30 SMEs.

One of the funding mechanisms provided to cover the pilots’ execution was a voucher system to support the experiments. In Spring 2020, an Open Call was published to bring new experiments to use these in-kind vouchers as a direct support for using the EOSC services. After the evaluation process, 5 business experiments were onboarded to take advantage of the EOSC Services beyond the IaaS, requesting technological expertise, co-design services and co-development with other projects.

The main challenge of this open call was to provide more added value to the Industry ecosystem, increasing the services offered to the initial set of pilots that were mainly based only on computing resources. Because the real value of the EOSC DIH is not to provide another selling point or Marketplace to offer the EOSC services but to boost the matchmaking of EOSC innovation with Industry, exploring partnerships with other project and initiatives, promoting the exploitation of added value services to be used by the startup and SME ecosystem.

The EOSC DIH is one of the Key Exploitable Results from the EOSC-hub project and as such, its continuity and sustainability has been supported with the EOSC Future project including Technopolis Group, EUDAT, GEANT, CSC, JISC, JNP, OpenAire as new partners of the DIH initiative, that will contribute to the wider expansion of the EOSC DIH in Europe.

In addition, with the economic support of EOSC Future project a cascade funding mechanism will be put in place for supporting new experiments with a total budget of 600K Euros to help European startups, and SMEs in testing, experimenting and using the EOSC services.

Stay tuned, the launch of a new Open Call for business pilots will be ready soon!

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