The EOSC Synergy thematic services brochure

The EOSC Synergy project has bundled ten representative examples of integration of thematic services in EOSC. These cover technologies in the areas of Earth observation, environment & sustainability, biomedicine and astrophysics. The dedicated brochure presents operational services which are currently rolled out in all countries of the EOSC Synergy constituency: Spain, Portugal, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Netherlands, United Kingdom and France.

The EOSC Synergy project contributes to the research and technological development sectors, with a focus on the engineering of innovative solutions based on the integration of computing infrastructures and data spaces, using grids, cloud and HPC managed resources. EGI is a member of the consortium and contributes by offering services (computing, storage and Check-in) for thematic services. In addition, EGI leads the communication and dissemination activities, the landscaping analysis, and the national and international liaisons with a relevant role in innovation management and exploitation.

The nine countries represented through the consortium each have international roadmaps which the thematic services are aligned to. These services constitute useful best practices for future new services to be developed, as they address challenges on metadata management, elastic data processing, interoperability with data infrastructures, federated AAI and accounting, that are common for many scientific domains. The new architecture of the thematic services incorporate seamless integration of the authentication and authorisation for resources, processing and data, as well as the embedded resource provisioning and elastic resizing of resources according to workload and efficient access to data storage. Further evolution will improve and consolidate the existing functionality.

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