EUHubs4Data: highlights from the first 6 months of the project

The EUHubs4Data project officially started in September 2020 and celebrated its six months of activities this February. During these months the project has already reached some key milestones and met some of its objectives:

  • The publication of a shared catalogue including a list of data and services provided by the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) members of the project consortium. The catalogues are online and accessible to all interested stakeholders (service catalogue here and data catalogue here) and will be enriched all through the project by adding new services/data from the members of the consortium as well as by incorporating the service offering of the DIHs joining the federation in the coming months and years.
  •  The launch in December 2020 of the 1st open call for SMEs, start-ups and web-entrepreneurs. This call finances cross-border data driven innovation experiments leveraging the data and services catalogues set up by the project. The selected experiments will receive concrete support from the Digital Innovation Hubs and will gain high levels of exposure and visibility at the European level, on top of obtaining financial support. Two successful information sessions were organised to promote the calls and reached out to more than 200 interested parties. The recording of the information session is available here.
  • The establishment of all communication tools for the project including the website, the Twitter (@EuHubs4) and LinkedIn social media accounts and the YouTube channel. EUHubs4Data can already count on a critical mass of followers on Twitters and LinkedIn with more than 200 followers for each of these channels!
  • The successful submission of key deliverables including the specification of local service offering and data driven service catalogue, the specification of the service delivery framework, the Census of European data sources and datasets, the dissemination and communication strategy and all project management deliverables.

After this successful start, the project will focus on the activities linked to the first open call including the evaluation of all proposals and on the organisation of key community events in the first half of 2021, such as the Data Forum on March 30 – registration is open! – and the Data Week in May.

EUHubs4Data will also start the recruitment of new Digital Innovation Hubs which are expected to join the federation in the coming years. The project will continue investing in community building and in the development of a training offer complementing the data and services catalogue.

How is EGI involved?

EGI is leading the federation of data sources and datasets activity while supporting activities such as federation model development, DIH and private sector community building, cross-border experiments and training programmes as well as driving the project’s online presence.

If you want to know more about this project do not hesitate to visit our website and follow us on social media.