How EGI supports social sciences and humanities

Yin Chen tells us about EGI’s involvement in the OPERAS and TRIPLE projects

OPERAS is the European research infrastructure for the development of open scholarly communication in the social sciences and humanities (SSH). Its mission is to coordinate and federate resources in Europe to address the needs of European researchers in the field of SSH.

The OPERAS-P projects started in July 2019, aiming to support OPERAS to develop the research infrastructure in view of achieving scientific, technical and community maturity. One of the key tasks is to produce the necessary documentation defining OPERAS’ strategy and implementation to support the ESFRI application. EGI closely supports this SSH community and participates in OPERAS-P project, with the following activities: support of ESFRI application; integration of OPERAS’s services in the EOSC portal, and leading the user authentication implementation task.

Gladly, EGI is also involved in a second OPERAS project, TRIPLE (Targeting Researchers through Innovative Practices and Linked Exploration), aiming at designing and developing the European discovery platform dedicated to social sciences and humanities resources, providing SSH researchers a single point of access for easily finding data, publications, profiles and projects related to the SSH domain, all in at least 9 languages. This H2020 project started in October 2019, will last for 42 months and counts 19 partners from 13 countries. TRIPLE will become one of the core services of OPERAS, and serves as a complement to OPERAS-P development.

Reviewing EGI’s engagement activities with OPERAS in the first project year, the achievements include:

  • Connect the community with EOSC — 2 OPERAS services are now published in the EOSC Marketplace, and they are Certification Service and Research for Society
  • Contributions made to the OPERAS’ ESFRI applications on E-Needs analysis.
  • Delivery of FitSM training to the community
  • In June 2020, EGI signed an MOU with OPERAS that ensured the continued support to this SSH community within the context of EGI-ACE.
  • OPERAS is invited to the EGI conference 2020, AAI workshop. A TRIPLE  submission was also made to the conference. Both will bring this new SSH community to the EGI family.

Yin Chen is Community Support Officer at the EGI Foundation.