Tenacious collaboration for substantial impact

Dimple Sokartara introduces the EGI Annual Report 2020: an analysis of the EGI activities during last year

The year 2020 has turned the world upside down. With the new challenges that emerged from the global pandemic, additional, inventive, methods had to be developed to ensure the continuation of activities and development. What the year has shown us is that collaboration is key to survival and sustainability. Within the EGI Foundation, Federation and the EGI community, we have witnessed the power of this concept. Although no meetings, events or seminars took place face-to-face, we still managed to successfully work on preparations of numerous project proposals, the development of new services and maintenance of the existing one, share and obtain knowledge through online workshops, training sessions and webinars, to name a few.

In our freshly published annual report 2020, you will find an extensive overview of the results that have been achieved through the collaborative efforts. Worth highlighting is the finalisation of the EOSC-hub project, of which the final part of the project has been mainly interesting due to the overview of Key Exploitable Results that have been achieved. The preparation of the EGI-ACE project is another one to mention, especially in the context of EGI’s contribution to the EOSC initiative. Although almost no physical meetings were possible in the last preparation phase before the actual submission, we are happy to see that the technological possibilities allowed us to collaborate seamlessly. This counts for all the other project proposal preparations we had to work on, virtually.

Next to a great deal of new projects, 2020 also counted six new council participants and formalised MoUs with ten partners. We look forward to joining forces to expand our offering to increase our support for the end-users.

Following up on users, we have recorded a 6% increase of the user community, which resulted from the targeted support activities aimed at early adopters, research data integrators, and pan-European Research Infrastructures. The figures below show a high-level overview of some valuable numbers showcasing our engagement impact for user communities.

All the efforts of the EGI Federation, Foundation and the community eventually aim to create impact and support end-users. The annual report presents a selection of use cases and highlights a number of results in the impact section, which we highly recommend you to read. To read country specific impact, we suggest having a look at the country impact reports that will soon be available on our publications page.

EGI Annual Report 2020

Find out more about the results, impact, and activities of EGI in 2020 in the annual report.

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