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Themis Athanassiadou introduces the Data Science Pro portal

The EDISON project, where the EGI Foundation is a consortium member, wants to accelerate the establishment of the data scientist profession, which is defined as an expert who can extract meaningful value from the data collected and also manage the whole lifecycle of data, including supporting scientific data e-Infrastructures.

One of the project’s goals is to bring prospective data scientists closer to industry and training organisations and to create an interactive environment where these groups can collaborate and share their knowledge and experiences.

To make this happen, the EDISON team created the Data Science Pro – a community portal for data science enthusiasts. The portal’s vision is based on the EDISON Data Science Framework, a collection of documents and guidelines set by EDISON members to define the data science profession.

What does Data Science Pro do?

Data Science Pro gathers a collection of data science courses offered by universities, professors and experts in the field and is built as a dynamic marketplace. It’s a place where educators can create trainings, universities can post their programs adhering to EDISON, employers can search for professionals with the right profiles, and job seekers can improve their skills whilst getting the training they need for the jobs they want.

The community portal will be launched in September 2017 with support from the EGI Federated Cloud and the D4Science e-infrastructure. The Data Science Pro portal will provide access to a Virtual Labs environment hosted by EGI community partners and built around practical data sets with education purposes. This is possible by integrating the EGI AAI to allow researchers to use their organisational IDs to access the portal and EGI Federated Cloud resources.

As of February 2017, the implementation phase was finalised with the support of UKIM, a member of MARGI (the Macedonian arm of EGI), The Research Institute for Telecommunications and Cooperation and Engineering Ingeneria Informatica. The portal is now being tested and validated by a set of users including the EDISON project partners, EDISON Liaison Group members, and selected universities.

Through the Data Science Pro, the EDISON team hopes to bring forth the project’s value proposition, which is tailoring each offering according to the supply and demand needs of the Data Science profession and further promoting the EDISON legacy.

More information

Themis Athanassiadou is part of the Technical Outreach team of the EGI Foundation.

Data Science Pro

The EDISON project is funded by European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 675419.