The H-CLOUD project kicked-off

The H-CLOUD project started on 01 January to build community’s consensus on  the future strategic research and innovation agendas of the European Commision 

H-Cloud is a H2020 coordination and support action that will support the European cloud community by providing recommendations and strategies to guide the future of European cloud services and their market regulations. Started in January 2020, during the course of its 24 months the project will:

  • Develop the European cloud computing research and innovation strategy and its implementation plan in consultation with the major H2020 cloud research and innovation actions, cloud working groups of the European Commission, expert groups and major cloud initiatives active on the supply and demand side.
  • Create and operating the H-CLOUD forum community to facilitate coordination, collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation, and ensure its sustainability.
  • Increase awareness of barriers, benefits, needs, research & innovation, and pre-standardization opportunities, and facilitate awareness of stakeholders in research and policy matters, best practices and success stories.

In the context of H-CLOUD the EGI Foundation will be leading the H-CLOUD strategy and will be active in community building and stakeholder engagement. With the support of Excitant Ltd (a specialist in strategy and performance management consultancy), the EGI Foundation will help with the development of a cloud computing strategy that is informed, shaped, owned and is to be delivered, by the eco-and social system that the European cloud stakeholders are only a part of.

In 2019 the EGI Federation delivered more than 33 Million CPU hours to international research communities, and since its launch in 2014, it successfully demonstrated how Europe can realize a cross-border data-driven hyperscale facility, leveraging member state investments on national research clouds.

H-CLOUD will be a key project to increase awareness about the EGI Federated Cloud distributed operational model and its use cases, and to further evolve it thanks to a deeper understanding of new use cases and business models from a variety of different sectors.

From a strategic point of view, cloud federation has been identified as one of the co-funding actions that should be supported with priority by the European Commission through the Connecting Europe Facility 2 programme in 2021-2027 – read more. We are proud that the federated approach will not just provide a concrete response to scalable big data access in the research field, but also offer a concrete approach to address the need of increasing digital sovereignty in Europe.

The first cloud strategy workshop will focus on the challenges and priorities for the future European cloud computing landscape, and will take place on the 1st of April in Brussels, hosted by the European Commission. The event will bring together representatives of the European Commission, top cloud computing experts and the wider community of active stakeholders in Europe and beyond to liaise, exchange knowledge and discuss the challenges and priorities that future EC work programmes should tackle.

More on H-CLOUD

H-Cloud is funded by the EU’s Horizon2020 programme under agreement n° 871920 to address the priority of creation of a sustainable European forum of stakeholders representing the cloud computing research, industry and users with a contribution of € 1,499,721.25. H-Cloud will last from 1st January 2020 to 31st December 2021.

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