The new accounting portal

Diego Scardaci introduces the new version of one of EGI’s key tools

The EGI Accounting Portal is an operational tool that processes, summarizes and displays the Accounting Repository data, acting as a common interface to the different accounting record providers. Readers can browse views of the data displayed in a user-friendly way. The portal helps EGI members and external parties to understand the use of resources and how they serve the needs of research.

The Accounting Portal is developed and operated at CESGA and is supported by the accounting repository infrastructure operated at STFC, where records from the all EGI data centres are collected.

During the EGI-Engage project, the Accounting Portal was completely renewed adopting new web tools that offer a better user experience and its look and feel was improved through a modern interface. The portal was re-organised with an intuitive menu to follow the structure of the EGI service catalogue.

Furthermore, we developed a completely new view to retrieve accounting data for the Scientific Disciplines and new types or reports, for example the TOP 10/100 resource centres. New features are also available such as the dynamic interaction with graphics, allowing to expose further details or zoom certain parts, the contextualised online help, providing information about the meaning of the several metrics and variables used within the portal. Custom views for research infrastructures can be also easily added, as it was already done for WLCG (see the Research Infrastructures item in the main menu).

Accounting portal developments are continuing and, before the end of EGI-Engage project, more features will be made available such as the integration with the EGI Federated AAI (the CheckIn service), maps with the distribution of the accounting data over a geographical area and the possibility to choose the measurement unit to be used to show the accounting data.

What can we learn from the Accounting Portal?

How many HTC jobs were executed by NGIs this year?

From 5,600 submitted by the Croatian NGI in January to the more than 19 million sent by CERN in April.

Which data centres were the top 10 HTC resource providers in the last 12 months (normalised elapsed time)?

CERN-PROD, RAL-LCG2 (UK), INFN-T1 (Italy), FZK-LCG2 (Germany), IN2P3-CC (France), GRIF (France), DESY-HH (Gremany), RRC-KI-T1 (Russia), Tokyo-LCG2 (Japan), SARA-MATRIX (Netherlands).

How much CPU time was consumed by researchers in the EGI HTC infrastructure in the last 6 months?

About 14 billion hours, measured in normalised CPU time (HEPSPEC06)

And if you want specifics… in December 2016, how many CPU hours were consumed by researchers working in the field of Astronomy?

About 330 million (normalised elapsed time).

How many Virtual Machines were created by the researchers in the top 10 cloud providers in the last 12 months?

About 190,000.

More information

The Accounting Portal was developed by CESGA and aggregates information collected in the accounting repository operated by STFC.

Diego Scardaci is a member of the EGI Foundation User Community Support Team.