EOSCpilot Science Demonstrators

Matthew Viljoen on one of the EOSCpilot’s key work packages

EGI is proud to be a partner of the European Open Science Cloud for Research Pilot project (EOSCpilot). The two-year-long project kicked off in January 2017 and lays the foundation for the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), as described by the European Commission.

Led by STFC and involving 33 partners across Europe, the project will engage with stakeholders to build the skills and trust necessary for an open approach to scientific research and develop a series of science demonstrators with existing communities and infrastructure.

Another aim of the EOSCpilot project is to understand and address the barriers that stop European research from fully tapping into the potential of data. To improve interoperability between data infrastructures, the project will engage different scientific and economic domains, countries and governance models and will demonstrate how resources can be shared even when they are very large and complex.

The science demonstrators developed by EOSCpilot are key to the success of the project. They represent the early adopters of EOSC and are selected to integrate diverse services and infrastructure to demonstrate in different scientific domains.

EGI is leading the Service Pilots task within the project. This task uses the expertise from existing services to analyse the requirements of science demonstrators and to identify any technical gaps. EGI is uniquely positioned to do this thanks to our team’s experience in service delivery, our diverse scientific community and links with other e-infrastructures (such as EUDAT and GÉANT).

During the first year of the project, EOSCpilot has been working with the first round of scientific demonstrators, and is currently selecting the next round.   The first scientific demonstrators give a good idea of the broad range of communities and technologies that the project is working with:

  1. Data Preservation for High Energy Physics (DPHEP) aims to bring the Open Data Portal, developed by CERN to provide data preservation (including software and documentation) for the High Energy Physics community, to the wider scientific community.  The solution will be deployed on generic cloud services and proved to work with sample preserved High Energy Physics data before being prepared for non-HEP data.
  2. PanCancer has developed the Butler genome analysis framework on the EMBL-and its EOSCpilot demonstrator is working to deploy it on generic cloud services.  This will enable the analysis framework to be used by more communities.
  3. The photon-neutron science community is working on making its data and analysis tools available to scientists all over the world using institutional and public cloud services.
  4. TextBridge is a text mining solution developed for the humanities and social sciences community at the University of Florence.  This community is working with EOSCpilot to migrate their university service to a generic cloud service.
  5. ENVRI: The ENVRI Radiative Forcing Integration science demonstrator focuses on the integration of data & services between the edges of environmental research infrastructures.

For more information about EGI’s work with the EOSCpilot please contact Matthew Viljoen at matthew.viljoen@egi.eu.

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Matthew Viljoen is a Senior Operations Officer of the EGI Foundation.