Welcome to new EGI Federation participants

Sergio Andreozzi introduces our new EGI Federation members

The core mission of the EGI Federation is to deliver open solutions for advanced computing and data analytics for international research and innovation. We are more effective in pursuing this mission when we pool together infrastructure, services and expertise from a wider number of stakeholders, broadening the geographical and scientific domain boundaries.

For this reason, I’m happy to announce that the federation is growing with 3 new participants, thus reaching a total of 26 participants. Also, we have active discussion with other organisations who are planning to join and we plan to expand further in the near future. Please, join me in giving a warm welcome to the new EGI Federation participants and connecting with them to grow the collaborations. You will learn more during our upcoming EGI Conference.

Represented entity: IS-ENES, Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth System modelling

Representing organisation: CMCC, Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (Italy)

The Infrastructure for the European Network for Earth System modelling (IS-ENES) supports the European Earth system modelling community working on understanding and predicting climate variability and change. IS-ENES recently joined the EGI Federation represented by the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC) Foundation in the EGI Council – expressing its interest to contribute to the strategic direction of the federation.

By joining the EGI Federation, CMCC Foundation will represent IS-ENES and the climate modelling community specific interests and share reflections that relate to its scientific domain, with a specific focus on the data infrastructure. The participation in the EGI Federation is expected to bring a mutual benefit and pave the way towards a closer collaboration between the climate modelling community and the federation in the context of the European Open Science Cloud. Indeed, IS-ENES recognizes the EGI Council participation as a key opportunity to further integrate its data services into the European e-infrastructure landscape, making them also available to a wider interdisciplinary user community.

Represented entity: SeaDataNet, pan-European Infrastructure for ocean & marine data management

Representing organisation: MARIS BV, Mariene Informatie Service (Netherlands) 

MARIS BV has become a new EGI Foundation participant. MARIS originates from a Netherlands governmental initiative, aimed at improving discovery, access and use of marine data.

MARIS is one of the leaders in the strategic development and technical implementation of the pan-European SeaDataNet infrastructure for managing, indexing and providing access to ocean and marine data and products. Furthermore, SeaDataNet develops and promotes common standards for marine data management, which are widely adopted and used. SeaDataNet core partners are the national oceanographic data centres, mostly operated by major marine research institutes, together with national monitoring agencies.

As a research infrastructure, SeaDataNet contributes to the ESFRI roadmap, as it provides marine data management standards and services which are adopted and used by several marine ESFRI RIs. MARIS is also very involved in the development and operation of several EMODnet thematic portals and technical coordinator of the Blue-Cloud project. In the perspective of EOSC, there is already a cooperation with EUDAT and D4Science.

As new EGI Council participant, MARIS, as official representative of the SeaDataNet AISBL, will also aim for and facilitate synergy and cooperation with EGI, in particular for wider adoption and innovative development of web-based science, cloud technology, and EOSC related projects of relevance for the marine data domain.

Represented entity: SZTAKI & MTA Cloud Infrastructures

Representing organisation: SZTAKI (Hungary) 

SZTAKI is one of the largest IT research institutes in the Central European region. Among its other achievements, the institute plays a key role in Cyber-physical production systems related research, development, and training as an EU Centre of Excellence in Information Technology and Automation. SZTAKI has got long experience in developing cloud systems and providing national cloud services. Together with Wigner Data Centre, SZTAKI established the national research cloud service called MTA Cloud (cloud.mta.hu) in October 2016. Since that time, 129 scientific projects have been initiated on the cloud among them high performance distributed mathematical computations, wide range of modelling, simulation and machine learning scenarios with an emphasis on applied physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, manufacturing and transport. MTA Cloud provides PaaS level reference architectures developed by SZTAKI for creating complex big data and AI services. These include for example, the automatic deployment of scalable Hadoop, Spark and docker clusters. MTA Cloud resource capacity will be significantly upgraded by mid-2021 making it 3-10 times bigger than the present infrastructure. The expanded cloud will be called ELKH Cloud.

In the context of the EGI Federation, SZTAKI will deliver e-infrastructure services and support the needs of Hungarian scientific communities to actively participate in EOSC-related projects. The services are focused, but not limited to the following areas:

  1. Co-ordinated offering of ELKH Cloud resources and related user support for open science via EGI and EOSC.
  2. Exchange applications and scientific datasets that facilitate open science with e-infrastructures.
  3. Exchange information about the impact of e-infrastructure services and offerings on science and showcase these at relevant events.
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Sergio Andreozzi is Head of Strategy, Innovation and Communications at the EGI Foundation.

Have a look at the brochure “How to join the EGI Federation”