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Policy groups

What is an policy group?

A policy group is an internal body created to define policies and procedures within a specific functional area (technology, operations, user community, policy and administration). They are responsible for developing’s strategic and operational policy framework and, thus, for ensuring the stability and availability of a European generic e-Infrastructure.

Each policy group has well-defined responsibilities, composition and operational procedures. It is chaired by an elected or appointed member of the community who is an acknowledged expert in the appropriate subject area. The chair reports the progress of the group’s work to the management.

How do policy groups work? is keen to involve all relevant stakeholders in the policy development process. In practice, this means that we will ensure that all relevant parties, especially those affected by specific policies, have the opportunity to be part of policy discussions, review draft proposals and provide their input during the policy making process.

The purpose, composition and operational procedures of policy groups are defined by Terms of Reference (TOR).

The policy groups operate upon transparency, accountability, openness and participatory principles. Policies are developed and defined through a bottom-up approach and consensus-based decision making.

The policy discussions are held during regular face-to-face meetings, phone/video conferences or via the group mailing list.

Active policy groups

Closed policy groups

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