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Operations Management Board


Peter Solagna

Senior Operations Manager,


The Operations Management Board (OMB) develops the strategy and defines the technical priorities of EGI's production infrastructure.

The OMB also oversees the status and progress of the global EGI and individual NGI operational services.

Main tasks  

  • Advise the Director on operational strategic and technical issues.

  • Identify current and future problem areas and propose corrective actions.

  • Compile usage information and collect technical operational requirements and bring this input to the Technical Coordination Board (TCB).

  • Examine requirements from Virtual Research Communities (VRCs), external software provider and other parties that will require changes to the operational procedures and tools, and to liaise with the User Community Board (UCB).

  • Define plans for the long-term development of EGI operations.


The OMB is chaired by EGI's Chief Operations Officer (COO) or the COO's deputy.

Other members include operations managers of NGIs that contribute resources to the EGI infrastructure, leaders of EGI-InSPIRE SA1 tasks and leaders of EGI operational global services.

Other experts may be invited to join OMB meetings when their contribution is relevant to the group's agenda.



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