The EGI Foundation represents the EGI federation in a number of European-funded projects:

EOSC-hub is an EC-funded project that brings together an extensive group of national and international service providers to create the Hub: a central contact point for European researchers and innovators to discover, access, use and reuse a broad spectrum of resources for advanced data-driven research. EOSC-hub will significantly reduce the fragmentation of the IT facilities and digital tools in Europe.

Coordinator: EGI Foundation

EGI will operate the Hub, the Service Integration and Management system (SIAM) accountable for ensuring that all EOSC service providers perform to provide a seamless service that is compliant to contractual obligations made with customer organizations.

News piece: EOSC-hub: integrated services for the European Open Science Cloud

AARC 2 is an EC-funded project that has the goal of to developing an integrated cross-discipline Authentication and Authorisation Infrastructure (AAI) framework, built on production and existing federated access services.

Coordinator: GÉANT

EGI contribution: leading the work on the analysis of the technical requirements as well as to operate an attribute provider, modelled by AARC, for the EGI community; communication effort.

ENVRIplus is a Horizon 2020 project with the aim of creating a more coherent, interdisciplinary and interoperable cluster of Environmental Research Infrastructures across Europe.

Coordinator: University of Helsinki

EGI contribution: support in data solutions, training activities, dissemination and community building.

HNSciCloud is building a hybrid cloud platform on top of which a competitive marketplace of European cloud players can develop their own services for a wider range of users.

Coordinator: CERN

EGI Contribution: pilot evaluation, PCP best practices assessment and compose recommendations for the future activities, technical requirements definition and contribution to communications activities.

The NextGEOSS project will develop the next generation centralised hub for Earth Observation data, where the users can connect to access data and deploy EO-based applications.

Coordinator: DEIMOS

EGI Contribution: technical advice and consultancy to identify the best solutions to get scientific and/or commercial applications up and running on an integrated cloud platform.

Newsletter article: NextGEOSS project: Earth Observation

The EOSCpilot project will support the first phase in the development of European Commission’s flagship initiative, the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC): a trusted and open environment for the European scientific community to share, store and re-use scientific data.

Coordinator: STFC

EGI Contribution: EGI is helping with the realisation of the EOSC by contributing services, knowhow, policies, and the requirements of large-scale international user communities. EGI will lead service pilot activities involving the major pan-European initiatives, and will contribute to service architecture, service portfolio and federated service management activities, also with the participation of CESNET and CYFRONET.

Newsletter article: EOSCpilot: getting the European Open Science Cloud off the ground

AGINFRA+ is a three-year project set up to support the community working on agriculture and food research. AGINFRA+ will further develop the resources and services of the AGINFRA project’s research data e-infrastructure.

Coordinator: Agroknow

EGI Contribution: EGI is supporting the uptake of the e-infrastructures in the agriculture domain and will do that via three use cases: Food security,  Agro-climatic & Economic modelling,  Food safety risk assessment.

Newsletter article: AGINFRA+: food and agriculture research

The RISCAPE project is a three-year project set up to provide an international landscape analysis report on the position and complementarities of the major European research infrastructures.

Coordinator: University of Helsinki

EGI Contribution: EGI’s role is to identify international e-infrastructures in different geographical areas, to examine their common technical features and the areas of societal challenges that they focus on.

Newsletter article: RISCAPE: e-infrastructure landscape

The objective of the AENEAS project is to develop a concept and design for a distributed, federated European Science Data Centre (ESDC) to support the astronomical community in achieving the scientific goals of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA).

Coordinator: Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON)

EGI Contribution: community engagement, leading WP6 (Services) and concentrate on processes, protocols, tools, and services required to ensure interoperability between existing SKA-relevant e-Infrastructures.


eInfraCentral‘s mission is to ensure that by 2020 a broader set of users benefits from European infrastructures. A common approach to defining and monitoring e-infrastructures services will increase their uptake and it will also enhance understanding of where improvement can be made in delivering services.

Coordinator: European Future Innovation System (EFIS) Centre ASBL

EGI Contribution: The main input of EGI relates to the effort required in terms or requirements, harmonised service classification and description and alignment of KPIs and service schemes and APIs. EGI will also provide advice on the portal specification and will one of the advocates for the common service catalogue in terms of convincing other e-infrastructures to share their service catalogues and KPI data via the portal.

Blog post: The eInfraCentral project is kicking-off

The eXtreme Data Cloud project (XDC) has a mission to develop scalable technologies for federating storage resources and managing data in both existing and next-generation highly distributed computed environments in Europe.

Coordinator: National Institute for Nuclear Physics (INFN)

EGI Contribution: assisting with dissemination, training and technical exploitation and contributing to the quality assurance and ensuring that the software outputs of XDC may be easily used on eInfrastructures.

News piece: The eXtreme Data Cloud project (XDC) started

PaNOSC will contribute to the construction and development of the EOSC, an ecosystem allowing universal and cross-disciplinary open access to data through a single access point, for researchers in all scientific fields. The project will work closely with the national photon and neutron sources in Europe in order to develop common policies, strategies, and solutions in the area of FAIR data policy, data management and data services.

Coordinator: European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF)

EGI Contribution: technical support and service provisioning via the EGI Federated Cloud, EGI Notebooks serviceEGI Data Transfer service, coordinated user support and outreach.

News piece: The PaNOSC project has started