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20 Years of LCG

Updated 14/03/2023

20 years ago, on 28 February 2003, the first software release of LCG-MW was published. 'gLite' and LCG are the cornerstone of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid, which expanded over time towards the EGI Federation.

gLite and LCG software releases are the software realisation of the vision of the distributed compute platform. This innovative approach to scientific computing allowed High-Energy Physics and other data-intensive scientific communities to reach new highs in their scientific discoveries.

Ten years later, in 2013, the EGI Federated Cloud reached technical maturity and was launched, enriching the EGI Federation with a new complementary platform meeting the needs of large-scale interactive data analysis.

We are thankful to the EGI Community, our members and the European Commission for the ideas, contributions and funding that made this possible.