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CERN thematic school on security of research computing infrastructures

The deadline is approaching to apply to the CERN thematic school 2022 on “Security of research computing infrastructures”.

The background

The CERN School of Computing promotes advanced learning and knowledge exchange in scientific computing among young scientists and engineers. 

This year’s thematic school, to take place on June 19-25, has security of research computing infrastructure as the main theme. This thematic school is addressed to people working in academia and research institutes, who need to ensure security and resilience of computing resources they manage as part of their job, and who want to be prepared to detect and handle possible security incidents.

<strong>Why security matters</strong>

Security is vital to ensure smooth operations of infrastructures. To provide and deliver a secure and stable infrastructure, giving scientists and researchers the protection and confidence they require to safely and effectively carry out their research, EGI runs the EGI Computer Security and Incident Response Team (EGI-CSIRT). EGI-CSIRT provides operational security for the EGI Infrastructure; it is a Certified member of TF-CSIRT Trusted Introducer Service and maintains links to security teams in peer infrastructures, National Grid Infrastructures (NGIs) and National Research and Education Networks (NRENs). In addition to core activities of coordinating the response to the computer and network security incidents and mitigating threats to the infrastructure, the CSIRT team, in collaboration with NGI partners, provides services for security monitoring, security training, and best practice dissemination. The EGI CSIRT team collaborates with CERN to this year’ summer school on “Security of research computing infrastructures”, fostering security within EGI and beyond.

<strong>Info on registration and important dates</strong>

This school is organised by CERN in collaboration with the University of Split, and depending on the pandemic, it might take place in person. The full programme, available on CERN’s website, covers all aspects of security management, from the basics to protection and prevention of security threats, detection and response.

The deadline for submitting applications to the thematic summer school is Sunday, March 13.

Other important dates are: 

Tuesday, April 5 - invitations sent to the selected participants

Sunday, May 8 - registration fee payment deadline

Sunday, June 19 to Saturday June 25 - the school