EGI Federation Home supports the Stick to Science initiative

Updated 22/02/2022

The EGI Foundation supports the initiative Stick to Science, an online campaign for an open and inclusive European Research Area. 

The European research community has set up the Stick to Science initiative calling for open and barrier-free collaboration among Europe’s research and innovation (R&I) actors, who all share the same values. Stick to Science is an active response to the delayed progression of association agreements with Switzerland and the United Kingdom (UK) in the framework of Horizon Europe, the new research funding programme of the European Commission. 

The associated countries contribute both scientifically and financially to the European R&I landscape. Associated countries are relevant to the EU research programmes as they contribute financially to them and contribute to critical areas of knowledge and research. To make an example, Switzerland is a pioneer in quantum research and provides decisive building blocks for the European development of quantum technologies. Without Switzerland’s inclusion, certain EU projects could experience delays of several years in innovation without Swiss technology and collaboration.

Stick to Science is supported by renowned scientists and was initiated by the Presidents of ETH Zurich, EPFL, ETH Board, Universities UK, Wellcome and the Royal Society.