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Joint Workshops on e-Science Workflows in Budapest

EGI and SHIWA are joining forces to run a combined workshop event that will be hosted by the Hungarian NGI in Budapest on 9-10th of February 2012.  The workshops will focus on the use of workflows in e-Science and in the European Grid Infrastructure in particular, and will aim to present ‘the art of the possible’ from the perspective of those involved in delivering the service, and try to explore ‘what is needed’ from the perspective of users in scientific researchers in the user community.  In other words, we aim to put stakeholders (developers and users of grid services) together in one room so that we can collectively determine how best to advance ‘Scientific workflow systems’ in this demanding and dynamic field.

Why a joint EGI and SHIWA event and why in Budapest?  Well, the answer to the first questions is that there is a great deal of ‘Synergy’ in our two aims and as such, the target audience is likely to be an overlapping one.  The combined event means that we can all hope get even more value from participating, there being an opportunity to not only learn about some of the existing workflow systems used in EGI but also, to influence the future development of such systems for our grid infrastructure.  As regards the second question, Budapest is a beautiful city with a strong and proactive scientific community that is full of innovative ideas – how could anyone refuse an invitation to visit the city, especially when being hosted by our colleagues in the Hungarian NGI?

For the SHIWA Workshop (Thursday 9 Feb 2011), partners of the SHIWA project will deliver presentations explaining the following key points:

  • What is the purpose of the SHIWA project?
  • What workflow services are delivered during the project? How can these services be useful to a workflow community?
  • How can workflow communities use the SHIWA services (store and submit workflows, etc.)?

During the following day (Friday 10 Feb 2011), EGI seeks participants who can deliver short presentations covering any or all of the following as well as anyone who is willing to contribute to the ensuing discussions/debate following the talks:

  • What kind of e-Science workflow management system and best practices are the most widely used and/or are emerging within your community? How many and which projects, scientific collaborations, Virtual Research Communities or National Grid Infrastructures are supporting these?
  • What requirements do the user and operation communities have concerning the use, operation, integration and further-development of scientific workflow services?
  • What kind of new services should EGI provide for scientific communities and for technology developers to support the integration of workflow systems with National Grid Infrastructures?
  • How could a wider and more harmonised adoption of these technologies be facilitated within EGI? What role should EGI.eu, the NGIs and projects play in this process?

Join us in Budapest in February and help define the future of scientific workflow - give a presentation on behalf of a workflow user group, workflow technology or service developer/provider, National Grid Infrastructure or any other EGI stakeholder! 

The deadline to submit presentation proposals to the EGI part of the workshops is the 15th of December. Please read the details for submission on the website of the joint events: http://go.egi.eu/workflowworkshops.  Submitted proposals will be reviewed and selections made by 22nd of December.  Registration will open 6 January once the programme for the workshops has been finalised.

This represents the first of a series of such workshop sessions on scientific workflow - a follow-on workshop is expected to be conducted at the Community Forum in March 2012.


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