About SixSq

SixSq is a Swiss SME, providing open-source edge-to-cloud management software, which allows companies and institutions to deploy a secure and comprehensive edge and cloud strategy, while avoiding lock-in. In its portfolio SixSq has the NuvlaBox, an edge software appliance, and Nuvla, which powers the online service, an online platform through which users can accelerate AI deployments at the edge and take away management complexity, while having full control over their data.

The challenge

Cloud computing is already a staple in the scientific community, however, with the ever growing adoption of ubiquitous computing, the amount of data being generated by standalone sensors at the edge of the network is triggering the need for faster, more efficient and more secure computing. These needs are addressed by edge computing, which in an ideal scenario must coexist with cloud computing for a seamless and reliable computing and data management workflow, from the edge to the cloud (thus the popular term edge-to-cloud).

However, despite its recent gain in popularity, edge computing is not yet widely adopted within the scientific community, and as a consequence, some fields of study are suffering from cloud vendor lock-in, high network costs (due to data offload to the cloud), privacy compliance liabilities (in cases where personal information is transferred to a cloud provider via the public network) and data latency.

EGI-SixSq collaboration

SixSq has significant experience in the employment of cloud and edge computing for solving and facilitating existing challenges in the fields of Computational Physics and Earth Observation, from past and ongoing projects with partners like CERN and ESA.  By leveraging this experience, SixSq plans on addressing the aforementioned challenge, by registering one or more application- and data-oriented services in the EGI Marketplace. Such services will not only exploit the full spectrum of computing resources available from the edge to the cloud, but also enable easy and transparent access to one-click-deployment data processing applications.

Moreover, given its vendor neutral position, SixSq can easily couple its existing service offerings with other EGI Marketplace services, like IaaS and AAI.


By onboarding its services into the EGI Marketplace, SixSq will solidify its position within the science community as an edge-to-cloud enabler, whilst also increasing awareness for the importance of edge computing for science. As an impact, SixSq would expect an increase in the number of new users and customers, and thus revenue.

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