Open for Business : Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Is there a financial obligation?

No. EGI is interested in collaborations based on mutual benefit. Business relationships may develop as a result of activities, but is not required.


Q: How are collaborations formalised?

Typically through a lightweight collaboration agreement or memorandum of understanding (MoU) to define, for example, communication channels, timelines, activities to be carried out. More about ongoing collaborations.


Q: Is a non-disclosure agreement possible?

Yes. If required by any company to enter a collaboration agreement.


Q: How do I negotiate resources with providers not in my own country?

The EGI Foundation team can coordinate resource provision from multiple countries.


Q: How many resources am I able to access?

This depends on the type of application and potential impact of the result, which is defined within the collaboration agreement. The amount of resources is negotiated with the pool of providers who have already committed to support industrial use cases.


Q: What kind of Service Level Agreements are provided by EGI?

EGI provides Service Level Agreements (SLAs) based on industry best practices (FitSM standard) that includes areas such as services offered, service hours and exceptions, support, service level targets, limitations and constraints, communication, reporting and escalation, information security and data protection, responsibilities of the provider and customer, review, extensions and termination.


Q: Is there help available to port my application to your infrastructure?

Yes. A select team of experts will be pooled depending on the sector, technology and application type.


Q: What are the associated costs?

As mentioned, there are typically no upfront costs other than the time required to achieve the desired result.


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