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Grid Service Level Management (gSLM)


Support project


Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed on 20 June 2011 


About gSLM

The gSLM project aims to improve Service Level Management (SLM) in the grid domain. By bringing together experts in grid operations and management with leading members of the IT service management community, the project will generate new approaches and concepts for grid SLM.

Overview of the joint workplan

gSLM and will work together to enable the vision of providing European scientists and international collaboration for sustainable distributed computing services to support their work. In this broad context, the specific goals of the collaborations are:

  • to explore the alignment of Service Level Management (SLM) within EGI to the best practice adopted in the IT industry including relationships with customers (VOs, users) and relationships with resource infrastructure as well as technology providers;

  • to analyse the current EGI service delivery in the light of best practices

  • to consult NGIs on the implementation of SLM and to provide training and tutorials at EGI events on IT Service Management

  • to connect the EGI community with the ITSM community and disseminate the results of this collaboration within the remit of each project’s dissemination



Logo of the Grid Service Level Management project

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