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EOSC Compute Platform

The EOSC Compute Platform, delivered by EGI-ACE, is free at-the-point-of-use, distributed computing environment. The Platform is built on a hybrid infrastructure composed of cloud computing resources, High-throughput computing (HTC) sites and High-Performance Computing (HPC) centres. It empowers users with higher-level services to ease the setup and operation of complex workflows, applications, containers, virtual research environments and data spaces on top of the hybrid infrastructure. 

The Platform supports diverse data processing and analysis use cases. Thanks to EC and national funds, it provides free at-the-point-of-use services with user support and training for research infrastructures, communities, projects and the long tail of science. E-infrastructure providers joining the EOSC Compute Platform can benefit from the simplified integration with EOSC, streamlined user access handling and scalable resource allocation mechanisms, and various financial incentives.



EGI Cloud Compute

Run virtual machines on-demand with complete control over computing resources

Access on EGI website

EGI Container

Run Docker containers in a lightweight virtualised environment

Access on EGI website

Dynamic DNS Service

The Dynamic DNS service provides a unified, federation-wide Dynamic DNS support for VMs in EGI infrastructure

EGI Online Storage

Store, share and access your files and their metadata on a global scale

Access on EGI website

Value for Users

  • Having a broad and growing spectrum of types of compute resources behind a single interface (EGI-ACE Open Call) and single allocation process.
  • Streamlined support and communication through the use case shepherds and with access to experts for consultancy to select the most suitable types and combination of compute and related platform/data services to realise a use case.
  • Build partnership with national providers for long-term usage of their compute resources.
  • Free-at-point-of-use access to national and relevant international capacity.
  • The distributed setup allows for computation to happen where the data is removing the need to move large amounts of data and any privacy concerns.
  • Reusing software across providers with the use of AppDB removes the hurdle of installing software at every provider.

Value For Providers

  • Providers who join the EOSC Compute Platform benefit from the simplified integration with EOSC
  • Co-funding by the EC to deliver relevant services across national borders.

Value for EOSC

  • The Platform allows the efficient use of European Commission and national funds by integrating cross-border with national access mechanisms, maximising the return of investment for all stakeholders.
  • Computing infrastructure is wholly integrated with the EOSC ecosystem making EOSC an end-2-end destination.